1. By paying the amount of purchased tickets, you agree to abide the terms and conditions set forth by the organizer - Camboayon Sports Events Management
  2. All prizes can be won by anybody and as defined in territory categories as posted on the page of Laban Ng Lahi. NO AGE LIMIT RULE IS IN EFFECT. Meaning, ticket buyer can put the name of his/her unborn baby provided he/she shall provide proof of payment transactions together with its valid identification documents.
  3. All set of prizes (10 items) has one car for the first prize particularly Toyota Commuter Van in most territories. Other territories depends on the car availability.
  4. The winner will be drawn at random and via FB Live for transparency.
  5. Winners outside Metro Manila will be the one to shoulder for the shipping fee of the won prize to be delivered.
  6. Winners will be posted the soonest possible time at the company's FB Page (Laban Ng Lahi 4th Edition).
  7. Camboayon Sports will notify via phone call, email or messenger up to two attempts only. Prizes unclaimed within 60days will be forfeited in favor of the organizer.
  8. Camboayon Sports.reserves the right to withhold the won prize to ascertain the identity of the prize claimant.

Data Protection and publicity:

Upon payment of purchased tickets, you consent to personal information to be used by the organizer for the purpose of this draw in publicly determining the identity of the winner.